About Patrick

Patrick Vaillancourt, Host

Patrick comes to the show as the host and producer of Categorically Heel. A man of diverse talents and interests, Patrick is a newcomer to the world of podcasting, though has had an interest in it for some time.

He comes to podcasting with some background in journalism, having been a columnist and news editor. In 2014, he was unexpectedly elected president of Canada’s oldest student journalism cooperative; however would never lead the organization due to some controversial changes in governance. He is also an award-winning essayist and freelance speechwriter, having written for business and community leaders, as well as political figures in Canada, the United States and South Korea.

Patrick’s journey through life is an interesting tale of struggle and resilience. Born near the Canadian capital city of Ottawa, Patrick has travelled every corner of Canada and has been to 49 US States while travelling on Greyhound Bus. He has also spent three years of his adult life living and working in South Korea, most notably as an overseas business strategy consultant for an online game development company in Seoul.

Patrick lives, works and produces Categorically Heel from Richmond, British Columbia. Much of his free time is consumed with projects such as writing, computer programming, podcast production, language learning and painting. He’s also a reader, something he considers to be a lost art in a digitally-connected world. He’s also a fan of cooking, sports and Korean television, something he made reference to in the debut episode of Categorically Heel.