Guidelines for Guests and Interviewees

Categorically Heel is a general interest podcast which aims to appeal to a wide-range of listeners and will feature content that touches upon various elements of society and culture. In an effort to appeal to a wider audience and to have the show provide unique perspectives on anything, a critical component to our mission is the effort we make in getting members of the community to come on the show to discuss their activities or expertise.

This page is presented to guests of the show as general information on what to expect when being interviewed. It is important to read this guide carefully as it may provide insight into how you may want to setup your interview with the show.

Interview Methods

Categorically Heel conducts interviews in-person, by phone and through online voice call systems such as Skype and FaceTime Audio.

If you are selected to be a guest on Categorically Heel, we will schedule a time with you to perform the interview. The topic and some of the questions that will be asked will be known to you ahead of time, unless the interview is meant to be a debate on an idea or topic that may prove controversial.

Shortly before the prescribed time of the interview, you will receive a call. You will be given the opportunity to ask any final questions before the interview begins. The recording of the call commences when the interview portion of the call begins.


The Rules

Simply put, there are no rules. As a guest, you have free-reign over whatever you’d like to say and the manner in which you say it. We are interested in your story, and we’d like to hear a genuine telling of your opinions and activities. Some of the most asked questions we get are:

  • Do you permit the use of “adult” language?
    • ANSWER: Yes. Every episode of Categorically Heel opens with a disclaimer that the show may contain adult language not suitable for everyone. In fact, the use of explicit language is even encouraged at times for emphasis, especially on issues that have the potential to be controversial and spark debate in society. That said, the main selling point of the interview is to tell your story in a manner that has the broadest appeal. While we don’t mind you using such language, keep in mind that your audience might.
  • Is there anything considered to be “off-limits”?
    • ANSWER: Not really, no. Though as a podcast open to the general public, we have to adhere to certain broadcast standards. Any opinions expressed on the show by guests should focus on the issues and not any particular individual. If the story is about someone in particular, such as a political figure, ensure that your facts are unquestionably correct. While we will broadcast the contents of the interview, if facts stated on the show are later proven to be fictitious or incorrect, it may constitute libel or slander. Categorically Heel is not legally liable for the opinions, thoughts or facts expressed by guests of the show.
  • Do you welcome controversial statements from guests.
    • ANSWER: Yes, we do. Categorically Heel exists to provide a wide-range of opinions on different issues, including giving voice to ideas or proposals which do not carry much favour in mainstream media or the general public. If you do have an idea or opinion that is considered controversial, you’ve likely been invited to the show to participate in a debate on the issues related to your idea.


Helpful tips to prepare for the show

  • Be prepared to answer questions and provide detailed answers for approximately 15 to 20 minutes. While we will not be using the full-length interview (unless the show expressly states that from the outset), the length of the interview is meant to ensure that we have enough content and a solid sample of data to work from when the episode goes into post-production.
  • You may want to be in a private, quiet setting for the length of the interview. While we can do some work in post-production in terms of sound editing, we are not magicians. Voices in a busy coffee shop or sounds from nearby traffic may degrade the audio quality of the interview and make it unusable.
  • Be unapologetic about your story, product, service or expertise. This interview is meant to highlight whatever it is that you have done, are doing, the expertise you have or the product or service you are offering. This is your chance to make it fun and engaging for our listeners.
  • Answer the question asked, and elaborate from there. Some of the more heated interviews you see on television and radio are those where either the host hasn’t well-researched the subject-matter or where guests fail to adequately answer the question. It is important for you to be prepared. Unless expressly stated in the show, guests will receive a general outline of the questions to be asked in advance of the show.


Terms Pertinent to Guest Interviews

As a guest on Categorically Heel, you acknowledge that the producer(s) of Categorically Heel may decide, at their sole discretion, to not broadcast the interview for any reason, and that simply being a guest on Categorically Heel does not guarantee the broadcast of the interview. You further acknowledge that the producer(s) may alter the content of the interview for brevity, or to comply with legal obligations. Any alterations to interviews are done solely for the purposes mentioned in this section and is not meant to alter the context of any statement made in the interview or to alter the content of the interview in any fashion. All statements made by guests on Categorically Heel from the commencement time of the interview are deemed to be on-the-record and available for broadcast at the discretion of the producer(s). The guest acknowledges the interview to be the property of Categorically Heel, and the guest shall not compel the producer(s) of Categorically Heel to remove the interview from its website or its podcast distribution network.