Episode #3: Ontario’s Trump Card

This month there was so much to talk about that it was difficult for us to narrow it down. We ended up getting caught up in the excitement of putting together a teaser we will be releasing in a few days, so the release of this episode was a bit delayed.

In this episode, Patrick brings us back to moments after publishing Episode #2, where he became aware of a violent incident which had taken place at the Richmond Public Library. He discusses what he thinks should happen to bullies, and how he himself addresses that challenge.

Also, Doug Ford, the elder brother of former Toronto mayor Rob Ford, is now the leader of Ontario’s Progressive Conservative party. He takes over a party rocked by scandal; first with the sudden resignation of former leader Patrick Brown, then with questions about the party’s own ability to manage itself. Ford, however, still enjoys a healthy lead in the polls on the heels of a provincial election. Will Doug Ford become Ontario’s 26th premier?

Also, Facebook is in the news again for all the wrong reasons. Is it time to regulate social media?

Finally, Patrick offers up a last word on the incredible life and legacy of Professor Stephen Hawking.

Show notes for this episode coming soon