Episode #2: Literacy & Deciphering Shakespeare

We were so excited about launching our podcast that we simply had to come out with another one before the end of the month.

In this episode, Patrick recalls a time when he was struck by the stories of adult basic literacy students. Canada boasts a 99% literacy rate, but what about the 1%?

Patrick also sits down with Donald Belliveau, a Vancouver area iOS developer trying to make Shakespeare a little more accessible to everyone, including those not familiar with Elizabethan English.

The show notes for this episode are here.

Giveaway Details

If you do get through much of the episode, you’ll notice that we’re giving away movie tickets. To enter into the draw, you must comment on our Facebook Page with your favourite book or author and why. It doesn’t have to be an essay — just something that’s worthy of an ice breaker.

*Keep in mind, while citizens of all nations are permitted entry into the draw, Cineplex Theatres operates locations in Canada only.