Hello, from the world’s newest podcast

Welcome to the official website of Categorically Heel, a bi-monthly podcast that is produced from Vancouver, Canada.

For anyone hoping Episode 1 would be made available with the launch of our website, I’m sorry to disappoint you. One of the things we wanted to get done in conjunction with the launch of our debut episode is to ensure our online and social media infrastructure was in place as well to complement the launch of the show. If you’re reading this post, it means we are well into the development of our online presence.

While I bring up social media, our website will display our social media icons prominently as we work to get the site up and running, but for anyone who is interested, you can follow Categorically Heel on:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/CategoricallyHeel

Twitter: @CategoricHeel

Our social media presence will expand to other platforms as well after we get through our debut episode.

Now I know this may be on your mind, because I know it has been on the minds of some of the people I’ve talked to personally about this project: What does it mean to be “Categorically Heel?”

Well, I was going to discuss that in our debut episode, but since I needed some spots to cut in editing, I’m happy to give you an overview now.

To be “Categorically Heel” is to be the ultimate bad-guy. The word “heel” is borrowed from professional wrestling, which refers to the wrestler that is seen as the evil one in a wrestling storyline. This is more easily recognized in the golden age of wrestling which spanned much of the 1990s, when the heel was practically anyone booked in a match against the likes of wrestling legends Hulk Hogan or Calgary-born Bret “The Hitman” Hart. If you were on the opposite end of the ring facing one of these good guy types, you were most-certainly the heel in the storyline.

The show’s concept is a play on words, which is meant to reflect that the show cannot be boxed into one singular category. Whether we will explore political scandal, social upheaval, business or the economy or the drama of television and film, Categorically Heel will bring you perspectives, opinion and analysis on a wide-range of issues. This is a general interest podcast that is meant to be insightful, informative and provide guests with an opportunity to tell their story.

Finally, while Categorically Heel will be the flagship show, with two new episodes every month, it does not end there. Categorically Heel will also play a role in feature podcasts, which will feature in-depth analysis of one topic as its own project, produced by Categorically Heel. More information on feature podcasts will be available soon on the Features page of this website.

I hope you will engage with us as we get started on our journey into the world of podcasting. Drop us a line in the Contact the Show page, by tweeting us or leaving a comment on our Facebook page. If there’s one thing this podcast is meant to promote, it’s engagement from our listeners.