We’re Live! Episode #3 Now Available

Episode #3 of Categorically Heel is now available. We hope you like it. You can listen to it by either going to the episode’s page here or by clicking on the Listen Now page.

What a journey it’s been to get this up and going. As we are the world’s newest podcast, we are also working with major distributors such as iTunes, Google Play Music, Soundcloud and Stitcher Radio to have our show available there. The validation process takes some time but we will update you when that comes around.

We’d love your feedback. Reach out to us either on the Contact the Show page, on Facebook and Twitter. We’d love to hear what you think, your show ideas and answer any questions you might have of us.

Listen to the show here  ||  Read the show notes 

Season #2 of Categorically Heel Coming in September, 2018

We realize that the first season of our podcast ended rather abruptly after only three episodes. For a project still very-well in its infancy, it isn’t an ideal beginning. With that in mind, we’ve taken advantage of this unexpected time off to tweak some areas of the show and make it better, starting with a relocation of our entire production operation to Montreal.

You can read more about the end of our first season, and what’s coming up on the blog.

We’ll be back in September with all new episodes and an improved product for our listeners.